[rabbitmq-discuss] Message routing

John Watson JWatson at sis.tv
Wed Nov 28 11:01:29 GMT 2007

Hi Tony, 

You say:
> The API for all this is largely in the interaction of
exchangeDeclare(), queueBind(), and 
> basicPublish().

I've had another look at the AMQP spec and the API javadoc.  What I find
strange is that exchanges and queues are set up and administered only
via the API.  I would have expected this to be done via the admin tool.
It seems to me that these objects will tend to be shared between
different application programs which have different concerns, and in
most cases will be long lived, and the API gives me more of an
impression of transience.

Or am I missing something more fundamental about the philosophy of AMQP?



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