[rabbitmq-discuss] Queue inspector.

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 07:30:14 GMT 2007

> What I am trying to get at is find out whether the load balancing
> could just be a concern of the queue infrastructure rather than
> implementing it on the application layer.

At some level, I would like the load balancing to be handled in the
queue infrastructure, but I am not sure this is possible given our
other requirements....keep reading...

> I am unsure why your
> producers *need* to know about the existence of any consumers to
> achieve your business requirements.

This question definitely makes sense.  In our system some types of
messages can only be consumed by particular workers.  These message
bypass any load balancing.  For these types of messages the producers
do need to be able to do things like 1) discover which consumers are
currently available 2) send messages to specific consumers and 3) get
back results from those consumers.

> Hence I was asking whether it had
> to be producer driven rather than consumer driven.

It is definitely producer driven in the sense the the producer is the
one making decisions about where to send what types of messages.

> The reason that I
> was imagining why you might want to make it producer driven is if
> there was some kind of conversational state between a producer and a
> consumer.

There is definitely conversational state between producers and
particular consumers.  The consumer's also maintain a lot of internal
state.  You could even look at our consumers as state machines that
change state in response to the messages.

> Do you have different message types that can only be
> consumed by certain consumers?



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