[rabbitmq-discuss] Using rabbitmq with cean erlang

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 22:18:28 GMT 2007


I have installed the cean erlang package and rabbitmq from source.  I
can start a broker with rabbitmq-server, but when I do rabbitmqctl
status, I get an error.  Here is what I see:

Invalid command ["status","-s","cean","version"]
Usage: rabbitmqctl [-n <node>] <command> [<arg> ...]

I traced this down to the actuall erl bash script that invokes erl in
the cean distribution.  The last line if this script has:

#$BINDIR/$cmd ${1+"$@"} -s cean version

So, you see that it is passing -s cean version to erlang as plain
arguments, which causes the pattern matching of the action function to
fail.  Simply commenting out these extra arguments makes it work fine,
but this seems like a bug either in cean or rabbitmq.

I am new to erlang so it is not clear why -s cean version is being
passed to erlang.  Should I keep using the cean dist or should I
switch to something else?  Is there a better work around for this



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