[rabbitmq-discuss] File transfers

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Dec 27 15:15:44 GMT 2007

Hi David,

David Pollak wrote:
> I've been looking through the Rabbit documentation and examples.  I have
> not found a way send a File.  Sure... I can send chunks of bytes, but I
> haven't found the way to Stage a File.  Can someone lend me a clue as to
> how to do this?

We haven't implemented the File.* class yet.

Alternatively, although it's a bit of work, what about using Basic.* to
encode the file transfer?

some months ago, I experimented with what this might look like. I'm not
sure if the specific proposal is acceptable as a file transfer service,
of course, but in my opinion layering functionality such as file
transfer over top of Basic.*, in a standard way, seems like the right
thing to do, rather than having it part of the core messaging protocol.

(Actually, 108.redhat.com needs a login; I've put the same text up on
our dev wiki, at https://dev.rabbitmq.com/wiki/AlternativeFileTransfer)

Comments on the proposal are welcome.

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